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[Personal Post]: Finding Happiness in Being My True Self

We each get one shot at this whole life thing. In the end, the boxes we force ourselves to fit into and the labels we apply to ourselves won’t matter, so why put so much time and energy into fitting into places other people want you to be? Why not instead spend that time and…

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A much-needed reminder…

Last night, I was sitting at home, enjoying some peace and quiet, and my thoughts started to take a negative turn. I started thinking: “I really wish I could get my house organized and clutter-free and keep it that way,” and “I would love to grow succulents in some cute planters, but I’d probably kill…

Catch Up with Bowie!

Happy 4th (Early) Birthday, Bowie!

We celebrated Bowie’s fourth birthday two days early (because of the weather forecast) by getting ice cream and french fries! It was Bowie’s first time having those things, but I think it’s safe to say he enjoyed it! Happy Birthday, Baby Bowie!

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