“If You Didn’t Vote for Trump, Your Vote Is Fraudulent,” a piece by Adam Serwer in The Atlantic

This is one of those articles so well written and so pertinent to our current times, I wish I had been the one to write it.

If you care at all about preserving the democracy we have enjoyed in this country for more than 240 years, I highly recommend that you spend some time with this piece. Not just reading it, either. This is one of those pieces that should be chewed on and digested with both time and great intent.

You can find the piece here:

If You Didn’t Vote for Trump, Your Vote Is Fraudulent

When they say the 2020 election was stolen, Trumpists are expressing their view that the votes of rival constituencies should not count, even though they understand, on some level, that they do. They are declaring that the nation belongs to them and them alone, whether or not they actually comprise a majority, because they are the only real Americans to begin with.

God help us all.


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